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Events & Webinars

Insurance Brokers- We’ll Come to You

The Benecard Association hosts FREE continuing education (CE) credited classes that educate people on the ever-changing employee health benefits industry. In order to increase accessibility, we send a certified CE instructor to interested offices to teach at minimum 5 participants who wish to gain certification.

We currently offer the below courses in most states: 

This 2-hour course covers an overview of PBMs in the pharmaceutical industry, from how they make money to the impact of rebates and specialty medications. The course delves into PBM clinical programs, generic utilization, self-funding vs. fixed rate...
This 2-hour course covers synergies between vision problems and general health; the impact of Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA) on vision benefits; current technological advances in vision care; and the future of the vision care industry. The vision...
This 2-hour course dives into a snapshot of the vision industry, encompassing the basics of vision wellness and its impact on general health, and then transitioning into how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act impacts vision benefits. The...