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Member Benefits

As a Benecard Association Member you have benefits available to you that may not otherwise have been available. Your membership gives you:

A Collective Voice

Association members often have similar concerns that may require collective action to address. Participation in various organizations provides new sources of information and opinions as well as the ability to make Association member concerns heard at a national level.

Access to Research Information and Receive Advice

Through the offices of the Association, members can submit challenges they may be facing or specialized information that they require. The Association will reach out to the membership and various experts to find individuals and organizations who have faced and addressed similar challenges in the past.Submit your topics to

Networking Opportunities

Association events will provide opportunities for members to get to know one another and identify common challenges and share their unique experiences. See our seminar section of the website.

A Risk Finance Program

Association members have access to fully funded rate programs that provide program design and insurance coverage for benefit payment obligations.

Philanthropic Endeavors

We believe in giving back to the community. From time to time we will participate in philanthropic events and will give you the opportunity to join the efforts.

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